The next steps…

We will be saying goodbye to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico on February 5, 2016! We have enjoyed so many things about our stay here, particularly the peaceful atmosphere that has allowed to us to grow, learn and prepare for the next steps of our adventure.
Which leads me to…we have decided, as a family, to make our travels a full time service mission for the next year. Everywhere we go, we commit to an act, or acts, of service. If that means feeding people, painting buildings, or just providing support for someone in need, then that’s what we will do.
Are we missionaries? Yes, but not necessarily in a traditional sense. Our calling is to serve others in whatever capacity we are needed and live/travel simply. We will carefully follow God’s directions and set aside our wants in favor of His plans.
Are we going to proselytize? Not really! Our calling is to let our lives preach, to share the love of Christ through our actions and share the Word, verbally, when it will be most appropriate and accepted. In other words, we aren’t setting out to convert the world, but rather to bring hope, compassion, love and our abilities to those in need. Ultimately, I believe God plans to accomplish a greater work in us rather than us accomplishing anything great!
We plan to live very simply, travel by land (in the Beast, our big van) for now, with planes, trains, buses and boats when needed, find accommodations by camping, couchsurfing, housesitting, and the occasional hotel/motel/cabin, while leaving as small an eco-footprint as possible. Clearly, we haven’t given up on fossil fuels, as you can see by our choices in transportation, but we are going to endeavor to keep it “clean & green” whenever possible, and post about our successes and failures.
We are currently continuing to downsize and reorganize, so that we have only what we can carry in our backpacks, our camping gear and immediate necessities. Some innovative (I hope!) organizational/travel items and compact electronics are being shipped to us, so be on the lookout for reviews. We will review our accommodations, food, travel gear, electronics, transportation, and anything else that comes up.
From here, we travel to Tucson, Arizona and on to San Diego, CA to visit, gather up some much needed supplies (these kids are growing out of their clothes!) and reconnoiter for a few days. Then, we will re-enter Mexico at Tijuana and continue down the Baja Peninsula, camping much of the way. We expect to have a few weeks of semi-R&R this way, while still serving all the while. After that, we will be spending some time, possibly a few months, travelling the southern states in the US. When the details are worked out for the next leg of the journey, I will post about our longer term time/travel line.
If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask!