“Me time” vs Feeding the soul…

Sometimes people ask me how get “me” time, being a single parent and travelling so often.
The truth is, I don’t really believe in “me time”. It seems an awful lot like self-gratification – like saying, “I’ll be a good parent if I give myself the gift of a vacay from my family”. I don’t believe a parent has to be in the company of their child 100% of the time. As a matter of fact, as my children grow older, they have less need of my constant presence, and it’s satisfying to think that I am raising kids who are self-sufficient!
I DO often engage in the feeding of my soul. The difference, I think, is the focus, or intention. “Me time” is focusing on the “me” or ego, while feeding the soul is the intention of putting energy into building a healthy self. Aren’t they the same? I don’t think so.
Feeding of the soul encourages emotional, spiritual and mental growth, so that I have more to give and can be a better receiver. It makes me healthy. I pray, meditate, use affirmations and visualizing, reading / researching aspects or traditions of spirituality, take long walks, watch encouraging or motivational programs, and so on. It isn’t always about relaxation, but it doesn’t necessarily include a lot of wild adventure or glamour, either.
If I was engaging in “me time”, gauging from the way many people do, it could look a lot like escapism. That’s not me and doesn’t represent my lifestyle choices, or benefit my family. I don’t need to escape from my kids and I don’t want to vacation without my fam – they’re the coolest people I know!
Perspective and intention are really important and can lay the foundation for a healthy outlook on life…