Gratitude and the Golden Globes?

Cosmo in Budapest...

Cosmo in Budapest…

Gratitude is at the heart of my family. I use every opportunity to teach and model it for my children. It’s a struggle that I have mentioned on more than one occasion. It is especially difficult to teach gratitude to children who didn’t have a reason to be grateful in their early lives. Add in the sometimes challenged thinking of a child with foetal alcohol exposure, and the struggle is very real! This is true for 6 of my 8 children.

I am committed to modeling gratitude myself. Opportunities to find others displaying gratitude or appreciation are often difficult to find. The news media gives us stories about people who had a need and are thankful to have it met. It can be found on blogs and such, also. All of those are the real deal and I am always happy to share these with the Clan.

We didn’t watch the Golden Globe awards live yesterday due to our location and time difference. We did find some video clips today on Youtube and other media sites. Sadly, we were left with a dampened affection for the show, some of our favorite actors and the awards ceremonies in general.

At this point you are thinking, “Oh, she’s a Trump supporter and didn’t like to hear bad things said about him”, or similar notion. You couldn’t be more wrong! I didn’t disagree with the things said. Then, where is the problem? I’ll tell you…

One of the most loved parts of the day is sitting around the table and sharing the best part of our day and what we are grateful for...every day!

One of the most loved parts of the day is sitting around the table and sharing the best part of our day and what we are grateful for…every day!

I look forward to this time of year for the awards ceremonies. What better place to hear “thank you” and acknowledgements than from a group of talented and amazing people who entertain us. They are larger than (real) life, right? Everyone enjoys their craft, not only through the stage and cinema, but through their expressions of appreciation for the people, us regular folks. We spend our time and money to be entertained by their considerable artistic abilities. The extravagance of their dress adds to the occasion as they adorn themselves to show how important it is to receive the honor of being recognized for their creativity and talent.

Meryl Streep, Hugh Laurie and the others who used the precious time they were given to accept or present awards and show their gratitude and acknowledge those who have given them the opportunity to be who they are, were disappointments. I don’t have to disagree with their statements to not like the delivery. Gone was the gratitude and humility and in their place were egos run amok.

Before anyone says, “But what they said was true!”, I will be clear, I don’t disagree, but that is NOT the point. Truth can be leveled in appropriate places at appropriate times to an appropriate audience. This wasn’t the place, time or audience. This was the time for these people to say, “I know you have seen me and my work, but now I see YOU. I honor you, I respect you and I am grateful to you”, to the public, their audiences, and, in this case,the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Meryl Streep thanked none of her audience or associates. Hugh Laurie did thank his associates and the HFPA, but didn’t bother to acknowledge his audience. Apparently, we just weren’t important enough as mere observers. If that’s not the case, are they not-so-subtly conveying the idea that we, the people, loyal fans, don’t really have anything to do with their successes and achievements? Is the HFPA responsible for that?

The other argument is that the Golden Globes aren’t presented or awarded by the public audience. Then why televise it? WHy the commercial sponsors? There’s no need to involve us at all, if that should be the case.

The Golden Globes were brought by the HFPA. To quote from the their website:

The mission of the HFPA is:

To establish favorable relations and cultural ties between foreign countries and the United States of America by the dissemination of information concerning the American culture and traditions as depicted in motion pictures and television through news media in various foreign countries;

To recognize outstanding achievements by conferring annual Awards of Merit, (Golden Globe® Awards), serving as a constant incentive within the entertainment industry, both domestic and foreign, and to focus wide public attention upon the best in motion pictures and television;

To contribute to other nonprofit organizations connected with the entertainment industry and involved in educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities;

To promote interest in the study of the arts, including the development of talent in the entertainment field through scholarships given to major learning institutions.” The intentions are all good. However, a line was crossed, and even erased in favor of unleashed egos and forgotten purposes.

If a celebrity wants to proclaim their opinions, there are places, times and audiences that are appropriate. Make use personal social media, mediums that are meant to give insight into that persons’ life. Really, their opportunities are abundant in comparison to the average person. If a celebrity (or anyone) feels so strongly about an issue, own it, live it and proclaim it. It was not necessary to steal the smile from a child’s face or the warmth in their heart by not allowing them to see the example of gratitude, humility, graciousness, appreciation, acknowledgement and joy that should have been conveyed by these famous people but was neglected in favour of an agenda that wasn’t intended for this venue.

This hasn’t changed my continued efforts to teach these virtues to my children. We as a family are less inclined to watch awards ceremonies for the same reasons that we have in the past…

Artists in their habitat... Seamus and The Fox Because we have better things to do!

Artists in their habitat…
Seamus and The Fox
Because we have better things to do!