Surprises on the horizon…

As I write this, I am over tired and not feeling very well, but can hardly contain my joy! We have wanted so much to tell you all that we have been preparing to move on to the next leg of our journey, BUT…
We aren’t quite ready to give away all of the details of our next destination, or the longer term plans. There aren’t any big secrets, but we want to make sure all of the details are finalized, the “i’s” are dotted, and such. Also, it is very dear to us and we want to hold on to the sweetness of this preparation for the next step for just a little while longer.
We have prayerfully considered this new phase of life we are entering and have been called into and in making the biggest leap of our lives together, we will hope for your prayers in asking that we are held closely in the embrace of our Heavenly Father, that our needs are met, for our safety, and that in all that we do, we glorify HIM.
With all of that said, we will be leaving Alamos, Sonora, Mexico in mid February to go forth in the service of our Lord. We have dedicated our lives to a new purpose and look forward to sharing every step of the way with you! Check back soon for and update with more details…

It’s all about that food…

We decided as a Clan to begin eating simple, fresh, local food with as little processed food as possible. All of the time. What that means to us may be entirely different to another, so I will explain our “standard”.

Our fridge filling up with prepped fruits and veg!

Our fridge filling up with prepped fruits and veg!

Simple means as little prep as possible beyond washing (a necessity) and maybe slicing/dicing. We aren’t excluding cooking/boiling/baking, but want it to be in the simplest state that we can stand to eat it. Fresh means, well, fresh! Local is in the region that we are in. We are currently in Alamos, Mexico, so tomatoes, cukes, greens, and most common veg are available, but also we are experimenting with nopal, a part of cactus commonly used here. Fruit is a little more limited and as I have a lot of fruit eaters, we have to purchase items from beyond the borders of this region to other areas for apples, bananas, pineapples, etc.
A fave carrot and raisin salad - so easy!

A fave carrot and raisin salad – so easy!

The trickier part that came into consideration was processed food. We don’t want to be dogmatic about diet – on the contrary! We want to simplify! BUT, we like to use olive and coconut oils, black olives, and a very few items that I obviously can’t produce at home and are known to be healthful. So, our standard for processed food is, “the least amount of processing of items we find important to our wellbeing”. If it can be eaten fresh, that’s it. If I can’t reasonably make it or prep it while traveling (oils, meats, salts) we purchase the best quality, least processed option available to us.
I made up a nopal (the leaf/pad of cactus) salad with tomatoes, onions and olives.  Spectacular!

I made up a nopal (the leaf/pad of cactus) salad with tomatoes, onions and olives. Spectacular!

So, 5 days in, how are we doing? Great! I have lost 4 pounds (one of those pounds was due the assistance of an intestinal parasite!), my daughters harsh acne is clearing, everyone is more energetic and has a better attitude. After the first 2 days, the focus on food started falling away, which for my kids is a big deal. A couple of my children have food issues, namely gorging and hoarding, and this is a big step in healing these emotional hurdles and they are excited to overcome and feel free.
My beautiful Coco, with her skin glowing and a beautiful smile for her 14th birthday today!

My beautiful Coco, with her skin glowing and a beautiful smile for her 14th birthday today!

Are all of my children on board? No. Only one is not enjoying the experience, even though he was involved in the decision making process and was in agreement. He struggles with behavioural issues and while he enjoys the food itself, doesn’t want to participate in simple and healthy lifestyle changes. Unfortunately for him, he is the minority and was outvoted in this, so he will have to live with it for now…
Ultimately, we seek freedom from the emotional ties and the time constraints that we have succumbed to in our relationship with food. To not have a relationship with food and just let it be what feeds our bodies would be the ultimate, although unlikely, outcome!

Up and Running….

Today, everything is up and running. This blog has taken more than 2 years to establish, so I suppose that this is a sign that we are finally going in the right direction.
I hope that this becomes a place that invites the visitor to come back again, that it is a place that shares, inspires, informs, challenges, makes friends… Do I think I am capable of these things? No, I’m no that great of a writer or human being to accomplish any of those things! But I will still hope that someone, somewhere will get something out of this…
This blog and site will evolve as we go along. To ask questions, feel free to comment or send a direct message. I will answer them all.