1. Where are you from?

We are US citizens by birth.

2. You claim to have 8 children, but only 7 are included here. What happened to the other child? What is that child’s story?

I have 8 children, but my eldest daughter, an adult, resides in the US and does not travel with us. I adopted her at age 13 and when she entered adulthood, she chose a different path. She is a beautiful, intelligent and vibrant member of our family, but wishes to maintain her privacy.

3. How many children did you adopt? Did you adopt as a single parent? How did you have your children placed with you? How long did the adoptions take?

I adopted 6 children and parented many more as a foster parent. I did adopt as a single parent and each of my adopted children were placed with me a foster placements ( by our states child protective services ) prior to adoption. All of our adoption cases were completed in under 6 months each – that is not typical! We were just blessed…

4. How do you support all of those kids? Do you receive welfare or public assistance?

We are very creative at managing our funds and do so by combining different income streams, adoption subsidy,living simply and finding alternatives to the “average” first world lifestyle. We do not receive welfare or any public assistance, but believe that for anyone who is in need, there is no shame in doing so.

Contact us to ask other questions, or for clarification, and they will be posted here~