The Bohemian Habitat

The vision of The Bohemian Habitat offers children who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, orphaned or displaced, access to extraordinary opportunities that stimulate creative and innovative thinking, independence, and healing where passivity, chaos and hopelessness were once dominant.

The Bohemian Habitat is a self-sustaining prototype for an alternative to institutionalization and the traditional foster care model as the only options for displaced children. By constructing a new paradigm of family connections, education and residency, the concept of “home” will no longer simply be a place to sleep and eat, but a sanctuary that provides love, beauty, health, safety, and endless possibilities. Children participating in the Bohemian Habitat learn language and social skills, physical and psychological care, self-sufficiency and environmental awareness, in addition to utilizing inspired concepts that include performing, visual and applied arts to facilitate lives filled with abundance and prosperity. The Bohemian Habitat also coordinates volunteerism and community involvement, as well as travel, to maximize potential for success.

Through this approach, we believe that homelessness, poverty, crime, and even disease can be diminished, and a future will evolve that is filled with people who are dynamic, inspired contributors to the global community.